Cleanse Pack (Subscription)

From: $67.15 every 3 months

Each pack contains an Almond Face Scrub, Hand & Body Wash (Peppermint, Geranium or Citrus) and a Cleanser (Gentle Cleansing Gel or Cleansing Balm).
PLUS an option to indulge and add a Light Face Cream, Revitalising Face Cream or Everyday Face Oil



The reality of modern life is that most of us are run off our feet and unfortunately self care is one area which is most often compromised.  The Miód Subscription Packs are designed to make things easier for you by taking care of your skincare for a whole year.  Select your favourite Miód products choosing from a number of options that best suit your life style and you won’t have to think about buying skincare for the rest of the year.   Our skin is the face we show to the world and if we look good with vibrant, healthy and glowing skin, we feel good and show up better in the world. Nourish your skin with natural products each day with this organic natural skincare set of every day essentials for men.

The Subscription Pack For Men contains a Daily Face Cream, Cleansing Shaving Gel and a choice of  Soothing Aftershave Oil or Beard Oil.  Subscriptions can be set to Bi-monthly or once every three months.

Round out you daily skin care with the addition of a Peppermint or Citrus Hand & Body Wash.


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